UK Application Of Silicon Hairspring In Swiss Replica Watches

The application of Silicon in the traditional replica watches has always been a controversial topic. Over the past ten years, there have been questions about whether the use of silicon is contrary to traditional tabulation values. More than a decade after the first use of this material, similar debates have not yet been settled. So what is the fact?

Some people think it is not the achievement of watchmasters. It is from the hands of physicists or chemists. This idea is completely due to the process of Silicon that is quite hard and traditional watchmaking technology can not handle. The appearance of mature semiconductor technology makes it possible.

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Although it is the fact, you can not ignore the advantages of this material. Excellent magnetic and corrosion resistance make it no doubt the best watchmaking materials. So that a lot of Swiss brands begin to apply it into new timepieces. Rolex Datejust fake watches with self-winding movements launched were the first type to adapt this material.

The advanced technology seems not so popular in traditional watchmaking industry. While with the development of society, Swiss watches can not only rely on hand-made craft and traditional technology. Just like the launch of smart watches, people need them, so they should produce them. That is the important point for the existence of Swiss watches.