Next Generation Rolex Submariner Replica Watches – Bigger Dial,Stronger Movement

Prior to the launch of the Submariner, Rolex had already been known to produce watches that are water-resistant. Since the early 1930s, Rolex produced a line of watches called the Oyster. Hans Wilsdorf – the founder of Rolex – filed the patent for a waterproof case in 1926. The Oyster was made famous a year later, when Hans gave Mercedes Gleitze a Rolex Oyster to wear the Rolex Oyster when she attempted to swim across the English Channel.

Fast forward a little. Rene-Paul Jeanneret, who was Hans’ right-hand man in Rolex, realised that diving is gaining traction in the 1950s. Coupled with Rolex producing tools watches such as the Explorer, Rene-Paul thought that it would be ideal for the brand to create a timepiece meant for diving. That, and coupled with the fact that he was a close friend to Jacques-Yves Consteau, had led the brand to create one of the most popular watches in the horological world.

General situation about Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060

The Rolex Submariner replica watches UK (Reference 114060), more commonly known as the “No-Date” Submariner, is often considered to be the base model in the collection. It is also the closest model to the original Submariner in the “modern” collection, as it is the only timepiece in the collection that does not come with the date function.

The model has been around since 1954 (or 1953, when it was still a prototype), the Submariner had undergone several changes over time. The latest iteration was launched in Baselworld 2012, with some aesthetic and mechanical modifications made to the line-up.

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The latest iteration of the Submariner, as mentioned, had undergone several aesthetical modifications as compared to its predecessor (the Reference 14060/14060M).

The 40mm stainless steel case

First, the 40mm stainless steel case fake Rolex watches are slightly different in its shape. The 114060 comes with a slightly squarish design, with thicker and larger lugs. This gives the watch a slightly more imposing appearance, although some collectors still prefer the thinner tampered lugs on the previous generations of Submariners. We certainly like that it looks more robust and tough now. We do note that this new lug design is not as ideal to pair the watch with a NATO strap, like James Bond has done in the past.

Next, and perhaps the most obvious differentiating point, is the new bezel. The 114060 is fitted with a ceramic bezel insert. This is unlike its predecessor, which comes with an aluminium bezel insert. The new ceramic bezel insert is much more scratch resistant, and it provides a nice shine under certain lighting conditions. In addition, the engraving on the insert gives it some depth and texture interest.

Bigger dial

Finally, there were some changes made to the dial as well. The 114060 features bigger indices, which are filled with blue Chromalight. The markers are surrounded by 18K white gold frame. The new dial provides greater legibility, especially if the user is wearing the watch for diving purposes.

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“Mercedes” hour hands

Subtle changes aside, the Submariner is still essentially a Submariner. The watch still features the same design cues, paired with “Mercedes” hour hands replica rolex watches, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and indices that are circular in shape – save for the triangle at the 12 o’clock position, and the rectangular ones at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. It is still a Submariner through and through. And it is still instantly recognisable – especially since it looks pretty much the same since it was introduced 63 years ago.