Longings Sucess Walter von Kaenel’s Marketing on Brand

Apple recently Watch become the focus of the replica rolex  public to talk about, but should also remember that the silicon valley giant cost spent 40 years was able to launch its first wrist Watch;Longines, the restaurant in guy mia (st. Imier) quiet town of brand, dedicated TAB until now since 1867.In addition, apple may claim to be the world’s most valuable brands, but the flying wing longines hourglass symbol is the oldest of the world intellectual property organization effective registered trademark.

Brand CEO Walter von kaenel (Walter von Kanel) in 1969 to join the longines, nearly half a century after (46 years) still stationed in, so his disdain for Apple Watch or generalized smart meters and it is not surprising.In 46 “longines career we have tried to digital, LCD (liquid crystal display), after all, is a Swiss patent,” he said, “after the we made some LED (light emitting diode) table, there are still retained the collection at the museum. Then relying on ETA digital/analog movement, we launched Speed5.””In my opinion, such as apple, samsung and other smart meter manufacturers is the supplement of our work. I firmly believe that: the fundamental functions of wrist watch is no longer just indicates time information, it is also a symbol of status and taste. Why did you choose patek philippe instead of swatch, because is eager to show to show off.”

Regardless of reputation or value, however, swatch and there is a huge gap between patek philippe.The world’s largest private collection swatch (5800) the auction completion price only a patek philippe Henry gray fox a quarter of the complicated function table, then the balance both ends, longines positioning and in where?”Clock is a kind of emotional kind of consumer goods,” walter von kaenel explains, “this is also we spend a lot of budget to build sponsorship relations of cooperation, signing ambassador positive propaganda on eyes.”In fact, through the cooperation with riding, tennis, and skiing, longines ensures stable news correspondents.

Walter von kaenel and the brand image ambassador elegant elsie tile, ray to Glasgow on the opening of the commonwealth games in 2014And walter von kaenel sales background, and has also become the primary factor of the brand.Basel during the conference, walter von kaenel always carry four essential items: a pile of plastic packaging form (sales data, best-selling watches, and according to the classification of country or product series detailed account), pencils, a pencil sharpener and can be traced back to 1969, a set of precise calipers.Image of the old school, he said, “I discount rolex replica  don’t have a computer, mobile phone is also a old guy (former intelligence age old communications equipment), I don’t even reply message.”His sensitive and focus on sales, surprising those key statistics as imprinted in his mind, remember well.Is the sensitive and contributed to the brand “fifth pillar” – the birth of new series designed for equestrian sport.”If we plan to spent millions on the field, and can appear in the equestrian events every weekend, only timing clock is not enough,” walter von kaenel explains, “we need to develop new, especially the women’s clothing series, in addition, we have specially designed for field jumping a special watch.”

Even asking personal questions, such as a favorite watch walter von kaenel can also be transferred back to the sales, “our investment and focus this year is a classic series comcast (longines 7%) of the total sales, main star table is steel gold watch of wrist of two-tone phases of the moon, and I should agree with continuous brand image, set a good example.”Seems to have no need to go to guess what the longines CEO wears the table.Even considering the walter von kaenel sales background, but when he announced the longines set a new record sales last year, was surprised.In heavy in Hong Kong, in originally turned their mainland tourists to support the Hong Kong market in South Korea and Thailand, longines recorded 10% of strong growth record last year.Economic environment full of uncertain factors, then, this year, the rally will continue?”Look!”Walter von kaenel Basel international horologe jewel on opening buy fake rolex  day on confidently predicts.