Fake Discount Rolex Sky – Dweller Series Watches UK

In 2012, the Discount Rolex Sky – Dweller Series Copy Watches introduced a new design of Sky – Dweller wrist, became the most dazzling Basel exhibition on the table in that one hour meter.It is also a rolex after 10 traditional models and a large innovation model.


Sky – Dweller Luminous Rolex Watches Fake UK at present there are three versions, respectively for 326938 (gold), 326939 (platinum) and 326935 (rose gold), we get all the gold of the official price is 380000 yuan, rose gold belt which will also more than in 300000.Sky – Dweller and past rolex watches models has the very big difference, has inherited the rolex is the most classic elements. Is that same Sky – Dweller still USES the oyster type watchcase and double buckle lock waterproof crown, bottom design, watchcase, as usual, thick.


Rolex Sky – Dweller Diving Watches has 100 meters waterproof wrist watch, strap with adjustable oyster type clasp. , using the classic triangle grooved table table circle, and most type log categories of grooved ring is different, the design for revolving bezel, auxiliary function adjustment, at the same time increased the calendar and dual time zone, this is rare in the rolex wristwatch complex functionality