58 New Aged Stock Breitling Wrist watches “Final Of The Joseph Iten Selection” On eBay For $one hundred twenty-five,000

What is the Joseph Iten Breitling collection? It is/was a collection of regarding 1,five hundred NOS (brand new old stock) Breitling wrist watches which were manufactured in the actual seventies as well as “in a bank vault” before the organization was preserved through permanently shutting down following for sale. Mr. Iten (now departed) obtained about one,500 of an estimated three,000 NOS wrist watches which Willy Breitling held on to within the late seventies. While Breitling wrist watches is actually alive and well these days, the organization shut down for any period of time within the past due seventies during the “quarta movement turmoil.” Within the late seventies, Breitling terminated its operations however had been purchased through the Schneider family within 1979 – who still is the owner of the organization today. At that time, Willy Breitling (that passed away shortly after the organization had been offered) chose to hold on to a large choice of unsold as well as model wrist watches. A lot of those were offered over the last 20 years by way of private product sales as well as online auctions, but just a few remain today outside the fingers of private enthusiasts.
” old world ” Jewelry retailers (their own eBay shop) from The state of illinois, USA, currently comes with an interesting public sale on eBay for 58 from the “final Frederick Iten selection Breitling wrist watches” (click here to determine this) that were in no way formerly offered or even on sale. In 1996 following Iten’s death, Old World Jewelry retailers purchased the watches from Iten’s estate purchase. Now in 2015, this particular 58-item great deal which is all of the the initial roughly 1,500 items which you can buy for an selling price associated with $125,thousand.

The actual NOS Breitling watches contain an array of models, such as both manufacturing items and never-to-market prototypes. Each is in original packaging and not utilized. The Iten collection also features a lot of Breitling stopwatches.
What you need to seem to comprehend is that the Frederick Iten Breitling collection is so uncommon since it was basically a time capsule, and I possess a feeling it had been bought within 1996 for any very reasonable price. ” old world ” Jewelers probably made some good returns on the investment through the years – especially as classic timepieces started to become more and more popular. Discovers like that on their behalf are easily a once in a lifetime occasion. What are the chances which you would be presented with the actual offer to purchase that lots of classic and totally unworn NOS wrist watches from the brand name that’s around these days? Picture when they were Rolexes.